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Unmatched reliability: BharatBenz celebrates its first ‘kilometre millionaire’

Chennai – BharatBenz has reached another milestone as the brand’s first vehicle crossed the mark of 10 lakh kilometres – with the original engine and transmission. The heavy-duty truck has been showcased to operators and truckers across India, touring with a convoy that completed a panIndian yatra of 10,000 kilometres over 40 days.

Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV): “Our first BharatBenz ‘kilometre millionaire’ truck underlines the unmatched reliability of our vehicles. Covering 10 lakh kilometres in just five years with the original engine and transmission is a remarkable achievement, and many more will follow.”

The first BharatBenz ‘kilometre millionaire’ vehicle, a 25-ton rigid truck with 230 hp, runs in the fleet of JSS Logistics in Nagpur, Maharashtra for long haulage of parcels between Nagpur and Salem, Tamil Nadu. JSS Logistics is a major BharatBenz customer in Nagpur and a service provider for renowned companies like Safexpress. The truck, which has received only standard preventive maintenance, still runs with the original, factory installed powertrain; further indicators like clutch and brake life or tyre wear also exceed industry averages significantly.

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