A Bomb-and-Blast Proof Skoda Superb Estate

This special edition Superb is loaded with armours that can protect the passengers from a missile attack

The Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda is the talking point everywhere. They announced a special variant of the Superb Estate model. Special means, something really special. However, this specialty is not visible on the engine side, or any cosmetic addition or any of the attractive gadgets. Amazingly, this car is bomb-proof.

After three years of development and testing, Skoda finally launched this bullet-proof and blast-resistant Superb Estate to the global market. This car got a PAS300 protection certification. Even the tyres are designed to survive significant puncture and damages and can be driven with flat tyres. The safety shield of Superb Estate is a combination of bullet-resistant glass, composite material and high strength steel. The windscreen and side window glasses all are made with bulletproof materials. This special edition car retains the 2.0 TDI engine found in the standard Superb Estate, still delivering 190 bhp of power. Due to the addition of extra weight, suspension and braking system has been upgraded to meet the need.

Other additional features include, an emergency lighting and siren system, Android Auto facility, 8-inch touchscreen with GPS navigation and Apple CarPlay.

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