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BMW Designed A Beautiful Interior For Virgin’s Hyperloop One

Heated seats, touchscreens, and plenty of unique lighting elements.

While tech executives like Elon Musk, and companies like SpaceX and Virgin continue their work in developing the high-speed hyperloop rail system, BMW’s design team has been tasked with crafting the ideal interior. Together with Virgin, BMW Designworks debuted its sleek, futuristic cabin for the Virgin Hyperloop One project.

The cabin made its concept debut at City Walk in Dubai, where the proposed Virgin Hyperloop system is scheduled to be built. It’s the first physical, full-scale hyperloop prototype that has been shown to the general public – and one of the most beautiful proposed cabin layouts we’ve seen to date.

“With the Virgin Hyperloop One design, we wanted to create a new visual expression for a new mode of public transportation” said Designworks LA Studio Design Director, Johannes Lampela. The goal was to create a space that was both comfortable and engaging, with the added challenge of no windows or doors.

BMW Hyperloop Interior Prototype

The capsule includes features like adjustable, heated and cooled leather seats, touchscreens with customizable settings, everything from the color of the overhead lights to their brightness, and video entertainment via a set of built-in displays. The concept is a “more sophisticated and user-centered spatial experience” than other prototypes before it, says BMW.

Virgin Hyperloop One remains a front runner in the battle for high-speed transportation systems. Earlier in the month the company gave Saudi leaders a look at a full-scale test model, which reached speeds of up to 240 miles per hour (386 kilometers per hour). This new cabin concept, Virgin hopes, will continue progress on the project in the region. If all goes as planned, the Virgin Hyperloop system will be in place in Dubai by the year 2021.

Source: Motor1

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