Brabus Shows Off New Wheels And Accessories For Mercedes CLS

The wheel styles go from modern to somewhat retro in design.

The latest Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is still a newcomer to European roads and isn’t even on sale yet in North America. Customers looking to personalize their newly purchased svelte sedan can already look to the Mercedes experts at Brabus for a few items that give the four-door an extra visual flourish.


Brabus offers five sets of wheels in 20- or 21-inch diameters for lending a custom look to the CLS’ exterior. Two of the styles (above) appear to take inspiration from the monoblock design on old-school Mercedes, particularly models from the 1980s. They feature a large, metal center area with short spokes that connect to the rim.

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The other three designs have a more modern appearance (above). There are two variants on a dual-spoke design with either five or nine sets emerging from the center. The other style has Y-shaped spokes.

Seeing all of theses designs together shows how much difference a set of wheels can make to a vehicle’s appearance. The significant amount of metal in the monoblock-inspired lend visual weight and create a heavier, more luxurious presence. Conversely, the ones with spokes leading to the center create a sporty aesthetic because they appear lightweight.

Buyers who are Brabus fans can also customize their CLS’ interior. The firm offers sill plates, floor mats, pedals, and even door looks bearing Brabus branding.

The new CLS will be available in a few versions upon arrival in the United States. The base CLS450 and CLS450 4matic will be available this fall with a mild-hybrid 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six and nine-speed automatic. For more power, there will be the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 that will use the same powertrain but with additional boost from the turbo.

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