Bugatti Head Turner at Pebble Beach; Bugatti Divo

Pebble Beach, The Bugatti Divo has been unvield and We now have full disclosure on this latest Bugatti hypercar and it’s not what we were expecting. Yes, there’s a Chiron under it, but considerable aero tweaks turn this elegant hypercar into something that could steal attention. Friends, say hello to the new Bugatti Divo.

The Engineers at bugatti have worked hard on improving the Handling ability’s of the Chiron, and then there is the new Divo. Yes, Bugatti Divo is for those who crave corners beyond the straight. The engineers and designers at bugatti have work pretty much on every aspect of the car, creating an entirely new architecture for the front, maintaining the traditional Bugatti grille while reducing the Divo’s cross-sectional area. The vertical oriented head lights are a part of the new design with added vents improves air flow for cooling and the large front spoilers all of which are an integral part of Divo’s new aero pacakge, That Continuous to the roof which is designed to better shuffle the air to the Divo’s W16 engine, The active spoiler at the rear is 23% wider than the chiron’s wing that can also function as the air brake.The new rear diffuser helps the Divo stick to the road, adding to that with the aero changes give an additional 90 kg of downforce compared to the chiron while also providing better cooling for the engine and brakes.

The Divo is lighter, too. With Carbon fiber intercooler cover and lighter wheels. Storage compartments in the interior are removed, and a less complicated stereo replaces the stock unit. The weight loss isn’t much, just 35 kg from the Chiron’s approximate 1,996 kg mass.Still, every little bit helps.

Bugatti says the Divo can lap the Nardò test track eight seconds quicker than the Chiron. That’s entirely from the aerodynamic changes, because the Divo’s W16 engine remains untouched at 1,500 horsepower.The Divo forgoes the Chiron’s special top speed mode, and the aero changes limit the hypercar to just 380 km/h . Make no mistake – that’s still insanely fast but it’s a far cry from the Chiron’s 420 km/h electronically limited speed, never mind the proposed 482 km/h figure many people believe the Chiron is capable of.

Bugatti Divo is Cost in INR.40Cr but never mind, The thing is, even if you have the cash you still can’t buy one. That’s because only 40 of them will be built, and each car is already sold!

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Source: Bugatti Official,Motor1

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