Bybre Launches Brand New Combined Brake System & New Products for the Scooter Range

The combined brake system improve safety and comfort while braking on small and medium displacement bikes which are equipped with rear drum brake system. BYBRE presents a completely new combined braking system for motorcycle equipped with front disc and rear drum brake. It improves rider safety by allowing the optimum use of the brakes and reducing stopping distances when apply the rear brake pedal – even for the novice user.

This system consists of a twin circuit floating front caliper with three 24 mm diameter pistons. The two outside pistons are driven by a 12mm diameter handlebar-mounted front master cylinder. The central piston is activated by a brand new combined brake system actuator.

The actuator, which is installed on the rear drum brake rod, is activated by pushing the rear brake pedal and it generates an hydraulic pressure driven to the central piston of the front caliper. This determines the correct braking torque distribution between front and rear wheels. The combined brake system ensures that when the brake pedal is operated the rear wheel will always lock-up before the front and provides much better performance than a rear only activated brake. This is an important safety feature, especially for novice riders reluctant to use the front brake fully on slippery road surfaces. Combined brake system or ABS will become mandatory on all scooters and bikes up to 125cc under new Indian regulations that come into effect in 2018.
BYBRE, beside a complete range of floating caliper and front and rear master cylinders, is also providing front four pistons fix radial caliper currently used on KTM and BMW vehicles. Moreover, BYBRE provides fully bled ABS system to the major Indian motorcycle producers.


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