Enfields get a much needed upgrade.

The Royal Enfields in India has been the go to bikes for hard core bikers since time immemorial. And they have held the podium for a very long time and still is a dream vehicle for the younger generation. But the new entries coming into the Indian market are taking the industry by storm and have paved a way for adventure biking in our country. So Enfield is providing some much needed upgrades to their lineup of Bullets in India.

The govt of india has passed a new safety regulation mandating ABS for bikes above 125cc. This now makes ABS a standard feature in all Royal Enfields. The bikes will come equipped with this feature soon.

The royal Enfield classic range comes equipped with a 280 mm disc at the front and 153mm drum at the rear. Also the thunderbird series comes equipped with 280 mm and 240 mm disc’s at the front and rear. These bikes will have single channel ABS preventing the front tyres from locking up.

Whereas the Himalayan comes equipped with 300 mm front and 240 mm rear disc’s. This bike will get dual channel ABS. The export version of the Himalayan already gets ABS as an option.

Enfield is already gearing up to launch their twin cylinder 650 cc bikes here in India. Both the Interceptor and Continental GT has 320 mm front and 240 mm rear disc’s and will feature dual channel ABS too.

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