Indizel – An economical alternative for diesel

At a time when diesel prices are increasing daily and setting new records, it’s time to switch
to better quality & economical alternative: Indizel. Better in terms of price, better in terms
of performance, better for environment & ready to use without any modifications or limits.
Indizel is the most efficient and cleanest fuel available in India for diesel vehicles.

Fuelling has always been a zero frills industry with near to nil benefits, be it monetary or
experiential. Additionally, diesel's inferior performance, extremely expensive and dynamic
prices and polluting nature, consumers always get a lesser value than what they usually pay

Since August 16 this year, diesel prices have risen by Rs 2.77 a litre and had hit Rs 69.31 a
litre on May 28, but this record was broken on August 27 and they have hit a fresh high
retailing at a historic high of Rs 77.32 per litre in Mumbai.

Indizel being a second-generation advanced drop-in renewable fuel as per National Policy
on Biofuels 2018 of Government of India, offers customers ultra-premium diesel at lesser
price than the normal diesel available in the market. Indizel comes with a GST benefit of
12% for GST registered customers which can help them save up to Rs 9 per litre.

Additionally, for all consumers, Indizel is sold at Rs. 3/- less than the normal diesel’s market
price. This in total savings for GST Registered customers eligible for GST Set-Off, makes them
save up-to Rs. 12/- & non-GST customers save Rs. 3/- per litre as compared to normal diesel.
For example, an average inter-state truck driver fuels around 3000 (250 litre x 12 times)
litres of diesel every month. With Indizel, he will get a direct benefit of 12% GST set off
saving up to Rs 27,000/- per month.

Other than the above-mentioned savings, Indizel also helps in providing
additional indirect cost benefits to consumers such as: –

  • Better lubricity resulting in lower lubricity scar on engine parts, enhancing engine life
    & lowering maintenance costs
  • Better combustion & faster ignition resulting in higher mileage per litre (upto 25%
    higher mileage per litre due to high cetane)
  • No new installation or modification to the engine
  • Being renewable & green fuel, reduces pollution by upto 80% lowering health
    hazards to the society

Indizel is designed to not only meet but surpass engine manufacturer’s desired fuel quality
standards like EN 590 (European), BS VI (Indian), World Wide Fuel Charter Category 4 Diesel
standards and Euro 6 emission norms.

The case for switching over to biofuel is compelling as it not only provides price advantage
to consumers but also helps in conserving the environment. Indizel, a revolutionary offering
by My Eco Energy, is India’s first drop-in renewable fuel for diesel engines outperforming
traditional & all premium diesel fuels in power, performance, mileage, economy and

One can easily opt for Indizel at My Eco Energy’s state-of-the-art and fully digitized fuel
stations located in Khalapur on old Mumbai – Pune Expressway in Maharashtra, Asoj(Baroda), Bhatiya (Dwarka) & Kamrej (Surat) in Gujarat & Pantapelam in AP. More MEE Fuel Stations will come up soon in all these 3 states, as well as in MP, Odisha, Rajasthan, UP, Telangana & Karnataka.

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