Mercedes Gives Virtual Tour Of “World’s Most Modern Car Production”

“Digital, flexible, green” - latest production technologies are integrated at “Factory 56”. Main focus is on the people.

After breaking ground on its new state-of-the-art factory back in February, Mercedes is now giving us a virtual tour of what will become the home of the next-generation S-Class. Dubbed “Factory 56,” the new plant will not only build the company’s flagship model, but also an assortment of other “upper and luxury class” models, some of which are going to be entirely electric.

The three-pointed star company claims it will be the “world’s most modern car production” assembly facility to allow Mercedes “reinvent car production” after inventing the car in 1885 when Carl Benz completed work on a one-cylinder, two-stroke vehicle with two seats and 0.75 horsepower. For a bit more history, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine” on January 29, 1886, and his patent carrying the number 37435 “may be regarded as the birth certificate of the automobile.” The three-wheeled vehicle was reported by newspapers for the first time in July that year.

Fast forward to 2018, work is well underway at the Factory 56, which is the third largest building project in Germany. It spans across 220,000 square meters (54.36 acres) or the equivalent of 30 soccer fields. Thanks to a massive photovoltaic system mounted on the roof, CO2 emissions will be reduced by a whopping 75 percent compared to the current S-Class production in Sindelfingen by using 5,000 mWh less electricity each year.

Factory 56 serves as a window into Mercedes’ operations as it will be used as a blueprint for its facilities all over the world. The company is making cars at more than 30 locations and assembled more than 2.4 million Mercedes and Smart passenger cars last year to mark a seventh annual record in a row.

Little is known about the 2020 S-Class, although we do know it will cram even more tech inside the cabin. The fullsize luxury sedan was caught on camera by our spies in February, but that was only an early prototype covered in thick camo. Mercedes registered the S73 moniker not long ago, so it looks like the luxobarge will spawn a hot derivative – if the nameplate will actually be used.

Source : Motor1, Diamler

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