Mercedes Makes Plaid Fashionable Again With New 300 SL Upholstery

Many people will say the Jaguar E-Type is the most beautiful car ever made, but for me it would have to be the timeless Mercedes 300 SL in the Gullwing flavor. The coupe was built in only 1,400 examples whereas the roadster was assembled in 1,858 examples during the model’s production run between 1954 and 1963. Those fortunate enough to own one will be happy to hear Mercedes is bringing back to life the plaid upholstery in three different designs: blue & gray (L1), red & green (L2), and green & beige (L3).

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The three-pointed star company says the reproduction of the upholsteries with a chequered pattern comes as a response to numerous requests from owners of the 300 SL. Needless to say, they all want to keep their four-wheeled gems as original as possible, prompting Mercedes-Benz Classic to resurrect the plaid upholstery. It will be reproduced by the original supplier as per the exact same specifications of the 300 SL belonging from the W 198 series sold from 1954 until 1957.

The L1 pattern will likely be the most popular of the three considering the 300 SL was ordered by almost 80 percent of the customers in this specification during 1954 – 1957. It was even more popular than the fancier leather upholstery, available back in the day as an option for an extra 600 Deutsche marks (DM). Mercedes goes on to specify almost 14% decided to go with L2 while L3 was found in just 6% of the cars built during that interval.

Should you happen to have a 300 SL in need of a new upholstery, Mercedes is asking €184 (about $227) for a meter (3.3 feet) of the chequered pattern, which has a width of 1.4 meters (4.6 feet). Since the upholstery is sold per meter and not as a completed seat cover, no one can stop you from giving your modern Mercedes the retro-flavored plaid treatment.

While a new-old upholstery for the 300 SL is nice and all, we’re sure some deep-pocketed folks would be keen on the idea of a continuation series for the Gullwing and its roadster counterpart. Jaguar and Aston Martin are already bringing back to life their classic models while Ferrari is toying around with the idea of resurrecting the legendary 250 GTO, so we can’t find a reason why a revival of the 300 SL wouldn’t be an instant hit.

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