New X30 Karting Series begins, Debarun, Surya, Rohaan take honours in Round 1

Delhi’s Debarun Banerjee, Coimbatore’s Surya Varthan and Bangalore’s Rohaan Madesh grabbed the top honours in Round 1 of the newly launched MSports X-30 Karting Challenge here on Sunday evening.

Debarun Banerjee dominated the X-30 Senior Category, winning 3 out of the 4 races over the weekend to add a comprehensive tally of 37 points. Coimbatore’s Bala Prashanth (24 points) and Bangalore’s Sohil Shah (17 points) took the second and third places.

In the X-30 Junior Category, Surya Varthan led the field with some brilliant driving,  winning 2 races to muster 32 points. He was followed home by Arjun Nair (28 points) and Aditya Swaminathan (25 points).

The X-30 Mini Category also proved to be a one-sided affair, with Rohaan Madesh winning 3 out of the 4 races for a grand total of 37 points. Ishaan Madesh (27 points) and Kunal Vinod (23 points) finished second and third.

The MSports X 30 Karting Challenge has been conceptualized by Meco Motorsports, with the intention of giving a host of new drivers the opportunity to take to racing.

Thirty-six brand new Praga Chassis’ karts, with 36 brand new 2-stroke IAME X30 engines made in Italy, were used for the competition. The karts are run by a single team, making it a full fledged single make series. The engine set up and chassis set up is the same for all the karts, putting the emphasis on driving skills rather than on engineering skills.

MSport has ensured that the racing cost per driver is also the cheapest, compared to any other X30 Karting series in the world. The event will see five rounds through the season, with each  round consisting of 4 races.

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