Road map E: Audi in the era of electric mobility

Audi is transforming into a provider of electric mobility—a process that involves all areas of the company. After all, the brand with the four rings intends to put more than 30 electrified models on the market by 2025, which constitutes a 40 percent share in sales. In doing so, Audi is consistently pursuing the path of sustainable mobility. Accordingly, the areas of Procurement and Production are also aligning themselves more strongly with sustainability-related criteria.

The skills and experiences from the development and production of the Audi e-tron will be incorporated into the upcoming projects for the all-electric models. The activities are flanked by comprehensive training and development concepts.

Audi is becoming a provider of integrated, carbon-neutral premium mobility with the goal of taking the leadership role in the competition. To this end, the manufacturer is accelerating its electrification road map and company-wide decarbonization.

Modern premium customers are increasingly placing their focus on sustainable mobility. It is therefore a consistent step to make electric mobility one of the central cornerstones of the new brand strategy. Audi will reserve 50 percent of its marketing budget for topics relating to electric mobility in the future

Audi and Volkswagen are already in the process of developing concepts for handling used high-voltage batteries. If a battery has lost a certain percentage of its charging capacity over the course of several years, it can still be used for a stationary application. Among the many available possibilities here, Audi is currently testing two as part of pilot projects: use in forklift trucks and tractor units at the main plant in Ingolstadt and use of the batteries as stationary energy storage on a campus in Berlin.

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