Royal Enfield’s ‘Unroad kerala’ successfully concluded.

The ‘Unroad Kerala’ conducted by Royal Enfield to experience the riding off-track in the challenging terrains in Kerala concluded successfully. The ride set on the stretches of flatlands, challenging terrain, water-crossings, technical ascents & descents and twisties through the forest trails around Munnar, Kerala.

The journey commenced on 20th June from Munnar prior to the checking and scrutiny on 19th at Deep-wood resort . Our rider Abhi.k.Santhosh joins with the team through out the journey.The fleet occupied a lion-share of Himalayans, however Classic 350 , Classic 500, Thunderbird were also accompanied the voyage.

The first half of Day-2 begins with an offroad training session, where the participants were familiarized with the different off-road precautions.Post the lunch, the team explored different locations around Lekshmi. Most of the terrains were muddy and directed through the famed tea plantations in Munnar. The rest of trails were done through some private estates which located on the outskirts of the forest.

The Day-3 begins with a warm morning in the Munnar hills.Then, riders make their way from Munnar to Singukudy through the untouched forest trails.This time, the terrain was much difficult compared to the previous day. Most of the tracks were merely paved and the climate was very foggy in nature. Moreover, teams had encountered small rainfalls throughout the journey, which makes the tracks even slippery.

However, the Day 4 was the most challenging one in the pursuit.The terrains become even worst and the riders have to cover some challenging water crossings. In fact, a slippery wooden bridge on the way made the riding even difficult for most of the riders. But, with the help of assistance-teams most of them were rescued and some got minor injuries.

The key challenges faced by the team on the last day of en route were the tracks consists of heavy mud and rocky sections on the un-paved roads. Moreover, many of them had encountered with the leech attacks while they made a stand-by inside the forest.

After covering all the challenging tracks the team finally arrived at Chokramudi. It is noticeable that The Himalayan easily got passed all the rough terrains, while the Classic 350 troubled a lot.The ‘UnRoadKerala’ was a hilarious off-road experience for all the participants.Furthermore, the assistance and guidance provided by team Royal Enfield was appreciable.

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