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Scania introduces the AXL, Autonomous concept truck

Author:Stephen Vaidyan

One of the world leading trucks and buses transport solution company, Scania is ready to deliver a breakthrough with the self-driving heavy vehicles. Scania has taken a significant step towards the transport system of the future with the concept AXL. It is a mix of conventional and new technology where the combustion engine powers the concept vehicle.

The Scania AXL is a significant step towards the future of transport system.“With the Scania AXL concept truck, we are taking a significant step towards the smart transport systems of the future, where self-driving vehicles will play a natural part,” says Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson. “We continue to build and pilot concepts to demonstrate what we can do with the technology that is available today.”

The fully autonomous truck comes without a cab and the robust character of the vehicle shows its capability for heavy duty operations. The vehicle is navigated and monitored by an intelligent control environment. To cite an example, the autonomous operations are facilitated by a logistics system that tells the vehicle how it should be performed. This shows the importance of software more than hardware in many ways.

The design of the vehicle is determined by the environment and application. If the truck is required for mining and construction work, the design will reflect robustness and strength whereas for a self-driving distribution truck the design will be a gentler and kinder one. The system in the truck is still not street smart but it is designed for a level that meets the operational needs of mine.

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