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The all new Mercedes-Benz GLS’ E-Active Body Control Explained!

The third generation GLS is on its way to production. We need to wait a little while to have this in India. The predecessors of current generation GLS: the X164 and X166 were remarkably best selling luxurious 7 seaters in country until now.

In this arrival, The X 167 generation has a lot of noteworthy features to offer, For today, we will discuss the E-Active Body Control . Before going further watch this cool video!

The E-Active Body Control comes as an optional package in the new GLS.This system works on the base of newly developed ‘Airmatic’ air suspension system, which means the operational medium is air. In fact, this is currently the only system on the market that can individually control spring and damping forces at each wheel.

The operational agility at each wheels helps to control the pitching and squat forces occur during the vehicle movement. Moreover, the body roll can be controlled seamlessly.

The E-Active Body Control can be termed as the best intelligent suspension system available in SUV segment at this point of time. Together with ROAD SURFACE SCAN, which uses the advanced camera monitoring programmes and CURVE, which monitors and controls the vehicle during curve inclination, the GLS’ Suspension delivers unparalleled driving experience on all terrains.

The OFFROAD ASSISTANT can be pick from the MBUX infotainment screen. Two options are in offer:

(1) Free Driving Assist : This function is mostly helpful while stuck on terrains with sand dune. The frequent up and down movement of the suspension system will enhances the traction at the wheel. Eventually the car can easily get rid of the obstruction effortlessly. This function can continuously work for 10 minutes.

(2) Individual Wheel Control : This is simply as the name indicates, the height of the all four wheels can be controlled individually in order to get more traction on the wheel which slips. For instance, both the rear wheels and the front right wheel can be raised at the same time while keeping the front left wheel lower. Amazing isn’t!

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