Toyota Land Cruiser marks its 10 million global sales.

Author: Stephen Vaidyan

The world’s largest manufacturer, Toyota achieved the milestone of selling 10 million units of its most capable SUV, Land Cruiser. The count includes each of the three adaptations of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, Prado, 70 Series and their models back to 1954. Toyota BJ later renamed Land Cruiser, was launched in 1951 as simple machine focused on tackling tough terrains.

After the high success of BJ, Toyota debuted second generation of Land Cruiser in 1955 termed as the 20 series. The 20 series was designed and made more comfortable to attract civilian customers .It was highly successful globally that the exports which began with 100 vehicles in 1955 ended up exporting 10000 units by 1960s. The current Land Cruiser 200 series is sold in roughly 170 nations around the world, with yearly worldwide sales totaling around 400,000.

The current Land Cruiser 200 Series was launched back in 2007 with minor design tweaks over the past 12 years. The 300 series is yet to be confirmed The off-road workhorse class of Land Cruiser heritage, the 40 series was replaced by the 70 series. The 60 Series whose later iterations were the 80, 90, 100, 120, 150 and the current 200 Series was more developed into a comfortable off-road cruiser.

The 70 Series started its production from 1984 which was designed to preserve the durability and off-road capabilities that the 40 series celebrated. Land Cruiser remains one of the oldest surviving badges in the automotive industry existing for about 68 years.

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