AMG Says Dedicated SUV Not Happening As It Would Cannibalize Sales

From the small GLA 45 to the gargantuan GLS 63, it’s safe to say Mercedes-AMG has its fair share of go-faster SUVs. For this reason alone, the division’s boss Tobias Moers has announced a standalone SUV is not on the company’s agenda as that would end up eating into sales of existing products, hence why it would not represent a viable business case.

It’s not like AMG doesn’t already have a lot on its plate right now, with plenty of models such as its own two- and four-door GTs, the existing 43, 45, 53, and 63 lineups, along with the upcoming 35 tier for compact models, plus the mighty Project One hypercar. In addition, the boxy GLB (a.k.a. mini G-Class) will also be getting the AMG treatment following the regular model’s launch likely slated to take place before the end of the decade. It effectively means AMG will have a hotted-up version of nearly all Mercedes models.

On a related note, Mercedes-AMG’s head honcho also explained how the newly introduced GT 4-Door Coupe came into being. Moers said some folks were looking for the “next level” after driving the C63 S and E63 S models, and since there wasn’t such a car from Affalterbach to fulfill that role, people got in touch with Porsche and placed an order for a Panamera instead. At the same time, the 4-Door Coupe picks up where the CLS 63 left off as the new generation of the swoopy sedan tops out at the hybrid 53 model with 429 horsepower on tap whereas the GT 4-Door Coupe can be had with a meaty 630 hp.


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