Bengaluru Bravehearted Biker – Shazia Ansar

The love for motorcycles for this Bengaluru born biker begin young when she used to be a regular visitor at her fathers motorcycle garage.

Shazia not like every other girl in the town was not found of kajal or fancy makeup but for her love of motorcycle’s. The love for motorcycles for this Bengaluru born biker begin young when she used to be a regular visitor at her fathers motorcycle garage that did the job of servicing JAWA motorcycles.

Shazia’s new passion for bike lead her to buying one soon. As she and her brother  saved enough money to buy one of their own. However, her brother taught her how to ride a bike even before, Shazia managed improve her riding skills even further. But, as life got in the way. Shazia settled with a job and marriage. With a family to look after, she later had very little time for adventures on her motorbike.

Things didn’t then took a turn till that day when she met with a traumatic accident which not only injured her spine, but also scarred her face. Shazi went through the lowest point in her life at this time. But nothing stopped her from getting back on track with life as she underwent facial reconstruction through plastic surgery and as sooner she got back on her motorcycle.

“It was only after my brother introduced me to the Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club in Bengaluru that I found the courage to pick myself up.” “Joining a club of bikers who all shared their love for JAWA bikes was exactly what I needed. It reignited my love for the motorbike. Memories rushed back – of watching my father work on those very gritty, yet majestic JAWA bikes, and my many conversations with those who rode them, their aspirations.”says Shazia.

Shazia was soon back on the road again on her favorite JAWA bike. The rumbling roar of its engine lifting her spirits, and finding its design as familiar as home, Shazia sped past her many difficulties. “I felt alive!” she says. “It occurred to me that if I could ride a bike, I could do anything!” beams Shazia. She soon found that riding a bike has instilled more confidence in her and this reflected in her job as a corporate trainer. She often wonders why more women do not take to riding.

Shazi with her JAWA Yezdi

“I want to bring a change”, she says. Shazia intends to inspire more women to ride a motorcycle. The only thing that can really stop you from doing what you want, is you”, she says. Shazia says that she is enormously blessed to be riding again, and for her incredibly supportive family who don’t put limits on her freedom. “I won’t lie. Being a woman, a mother, and a Muslim, it gives me immense pleasure in seeing the look on people’s faces when I ride my bike, shattering more than one stereotype in the process.

“Today, when the roar of my motorcycle makes heads turn when I give rides to my son, I feel like I’m teaching my boy about freedom and being fearless.”

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