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JCB’s Electric excavator production goes into full swing.

Author: Stephen Vaidyan

The first full-electric mini excavator from JCB, the 19C-1E has entered production. The company is paving its path to clean technology and lowering harmful emissions. It is the industry’s first electric generated mini digger and claims to reduce noise levels by 7dB to 86 dB. This makes the 19C-1E to be more comfortable for the urban environment. Also, it lets you do a full day’s work in a single charge and emissions are zero when the electric excavator is used.

This mini electric digger has not compromised any of its performance compared to its diesel alternative as it shares the same structure, canopy, dig end, hydraulics and controls as the diesel and performs in exactly the same way. The battery gets fully charged in 2 hours from empty with a three-phase 380-420V charger, further charging options includes a 220-240V connection where charging happens in 8 hours and a 12 hour charging option with the aid of a 110V onboard charger.

Besides, other specifications include an operating weight of 1862kg, a maximum dump height of 2.818m and a maximum dig depth of 2.819m. The machine consists of 3 lithium-ion battery packs that has the capacity to work for a full day (subject to the type of work) and this system requires minimal maintenance, daily checks and fewer services saving the owners time and money.

When comparing the 19C-1E to its diesel alternative, the noise at the operator’s station is a massive 10dB less. Also, it is a much better option for indoor working and the low noise levels contribute to safer working conditions. The machine is designed to combat the toughest work areas and it is built with 100% steel bodywork for maximum protection. This type of design makes the excavator easier for repair and the components used are of extreme longevity.The 19C-1E has become really popular as it is cheaper to run and it is already sold around the world.

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