PowerSquare announces India’s first in-car wireless charging solution for Automakers


~ A complete ‘Make-in-India’ solution that supports Qi-compliant 5W, 15W, Apple and
Samsung fast charging modes~

PowerSquare, one of the leading innovators in the wireless charging segment,today announced in-car wireless charging solutions for the automotive sector. Conceptualized and engineered indigenously, PowerSquare is working with Automobile OEM’s and Tier-1 suppliers to manufacture the module and provide a completely “made in India” wireless charging solution for cars in India.

 PowerSquare’s in-car wireless charging solution eliminates the need to search for power cords or charging cables to power-up each handheld device. The user simply places the device on the charging area and the power is wirelessly transferred to the device. The brand agnostic module lets the user charge any brand of Qi-compatible device. With wireless charging, users can experience a much safer and convenient way of powering up their device while on the move.


The PowerSquare in-car wireless charging module is a 3 coil-design which can be customized and placed on the dashboard, central console or arm rest. The module supports Qi-compatible phones with full 5W and 15W receiving capabilities. The system is designed to intelligently detect the type of device on the charging area and optimizes the charging rate appropriately. The system will differentiate between an iPhone and a Samsung phone and deliver 7.5W or a 10W faster charging mode to the device.


  • 3 coil design provides position-free experience
  • WPC standard Qi V 1.2 compatible
  • Up to 70% maximum power transfer efficiency
  • Supports phones with full 5W and 15W receiving capability
  • Supports Apple and Samsung fast charging modes
  • Protection against over voltage, over current and over temperature
  • Optional NFC or proximity detection to detect presence of phone for smart turn on
  • Enhanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) – detects objects before power transfer
  • Fully customized per OEM’s requirement to meet Automotive EMI/EMC standards


In the next 18 months, wireless charging looks set to be the cornerstone of the mobile industry, as all the major phone OEM’s are looking to embed the Qi wireless charging technology into all their offerings. With such widespread adoption of the technology on the cards, wireless charging shall find utility and relevance across a host of sectors. Thus, PowerSquare is focusing on bringing wireless power and wireless charging solutions in sectors like Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Infrastructure. With offices in India, Hong Kong and the U.S, PowerSquare is on a mission to build a Digital Lifestyle Innovations Brand.



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