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Founded in 2015 by Mr. Jeetender Sharma-MD and Mrs. Rupali Sharma-Chairperson, Okinawa is one of the fastest growing and most disruptive Indian automobile companies today. The electric two-wheelers produced by Okinawa are ICAT (International Center for Automotive Technology) approved, firmly underlining its leadership position and the high standards of quality it stands for in the e-mobility domain. It’s recognition by the ICAT, which has set high benchmarks for Indian e-vehicles, also paves the way for a faster e-vehicle adoption among Indian buyers assuring them of stringent evaluator standards being maintained. Okinawa works on an eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible model with an objective of protecting nature through three principles: Go green, Save Mother Earth, and Reduce the Carbon Dioxide imprint on the planet. By steadily creating viable alternatives to vehicles running on conventional energy sources, Okinawa is delivering on its brand promise of providing a “Solution to Pollution”. It clearly presents this bold stance against the global menace through its state-of-the-art technology.

By producing high-speed e-scooters, the company is rapidly breaking the myth that e-vehicles can’t compete with petrol and diesel two-wheelers in terms of performance, speed, and reliability. They have launched 2 scooters so far, ‘Ridge’ in the month of January’17 and ‘Praise’ in December ’17.

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